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Lauyan TOWeb may be your solution to create simple websites
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If you don’t know much about web design, Lauyan TOWeb may be the solution for you to create simple websites. The application has a very nice interface, in which tabs are arranged in a wizard style, so you just need to follow their order to build a nice site. However, dealing with so many options may, at times, get complicated for beginners.

Fortunately, it has various themes to choose from and you can even create new ones. Likewise, the sites can be made responsive to the type of device you're using: PC, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, you can choose what pages to include in your site, such as introduction, favorite links and photo albums. In Smart Edit mode, the program shows a complete tree view with all the elements in the site, while clicking on those elements lets you personalize them. For more advanced users, there’s also the CSS editor mode for even more customization. It’s good that the application supports adding practically every type of media content to your pages. Completed websites can be copied directly to your hard drive. In the same way, it’s quite easy to publish it to your host because the program has a built-in FTP client.

It’s a shame, however, that the free version of this tool has too many limitations. For example, you cannot edit more than one site at the same time. So, if you need to start a new project, you will have to delete the current one. There's also a 10 MB limit to the maximum site size. If you're willing to pay for the full version, you can benefit from various e-commerce related services. In this regard, it allows creating a shopping cart and order forms as well as disabling TOWeb and Google AdSense ads, which will appear on a freely created site by default. Luckily, the paid version also supports search engine optimizations and blogs.

In a few words, Lauyan TOWeb has the main advantage of being very easy to use. It's a great program to begin with. Yet, the websites you create are no match for those created in more powerful applications.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It’s easy to create a simple website.
  • It supports two editing modes.
  • It allows any type of media contents.
  • The websites are responsive to the type of device.
  • It has a built-in FTP client


  • The created websites are no match for those made with more sophisticated tools.
  • The uninstaller wizard shows some untranslated captions.
  • The free version is rather limited
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